Chalk One Up for the Arts with Sidewalk Sam 2007

The votes are counted!

The artworks get better every year!! So much beauty was created on Boston’s sidewalks by people from corporations and non-profit organizations. Pedestrians smiled and cheered on the artists, by putting gold stickers on the artworks they liked. Thousands of stickers were placed on the artworks. That’s a lot to count, but we did it! (The photos of artworks do not necessarily represent the final sticker count.)

Here are the ribbon winners … Congratulations and a big Thank You to everyone who came out and shared their spirit and created such wonderful art!

People’s Choice Awards by Category

Corporate Chalk Artists
1st Place Bank of America (peacock)
2nd Place Sedgwick CMS
3rd Place KM Chng Environmental
Honorable Mention Cabot
HonorableMention Bernard Hodes Group

Profit Chalk Artists
1st Place Mass Educational Financing Authority
2nd Place B.U. College of Fine Arts
3rd Place Mass Behavioral Health Partnership
Honorable Mention Greater Boston Concierge Association

The “Art-Laws”
1st Place Sullivan & Worcester
2nd Place Nutter
3rd Place Brown Rudnick
Honorable Mention Seyfarth Shaw

The “Designers Circle”
1st Place Office Environments of New England
2nd Place Shepley Bulfinch
3rd Place CBT Architects
Honorable Mention Gorman Richardson Architects

The “Hospitality Suite”
1st Place Au Bon Pain
2nd Place Pembroke Real Estate
3rd Place Sheraton Boston Hotel
Honorable Mention C.B. Richard Ellis

Family / Individual
1st Place Kerry Mooney
2nd Place Chris Noone
3rd Place Rikesh
Honorable Mention Harry Luthin


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