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ArtStreet, Inc. was formed to support the life-long vision of public artist Sidewalk Sam to have the arts become a part of daily life.

Incorporated in 1991 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, ArtStreet brings the arts out of the "culture houses" and into the streets - engaging throngs of people in cultural events. ArtStreet transforms daily life in city streets, campuses, office parks, convention halls, airports, train stations, stadiums, historic districts, ethnic neighborhoods and urban hubs - changing them into expressive sites that promote society’s spirit.

Under the direction of Robert Guillemin (Sidewalk Sam), ArtStreet joins with government agencies, cultural and community organizations, corporations, non-profits and individual arts enthusiasts to create arts festivals, cultural events and participatory community projects that bring people together in extraordinary, creative ways.

ArtStreet began as an organization of visual artists, but now includes the talents and energy of musicians, writers, actors, creative business people, cultural advocates and concerned citizens who want to bring the power of the arts and humanities into daily life to celebrate community values and advance awareness for social causes.

Beginning with the first public creations of “Sidewalk Sam” - drawing copies of masterpiece artworks on sidewalks in the midst of pedestrian traffic and delighting passers-by with his friendly, inclusive, creative spirit - ArtStreet has developed a national reputation for using the arts to rally people around noble causes.

ArtStreet programs have reached millions of people in cities throughout the United States and Europe. We have enjoyed many successful years since the birth of ArtStreet in 1991 and we intend to continue creating unique artistic events, with the help of exciting partners, to deliver an uplifting message about community and the power of the creative spirit to improve the human condition.

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